30 Gorgeous Decorating Ideas for a Scandinavian Inspired Home

30 Ideas for Scandinavian Inspired Home

“Scandinavian design” represents a pure style that is centered around warm functionality, clean lines, flawless craftsmanship and understated elegance. Think white walls, wooden floors, simple furniture and bright spaces with a fireplace in a corner.

This style is about the beauty of simplicity, but it doesn’t look plain at all. It’s main characteristics are minimalism, simplicity and functionality with purpose to improve your daily life.

Since Scandinavian countries are in the north of Europe, they have pretty cold climate, so the sense of coziness and warmth is a great part of this style. It’s perfect for curling up with a book  in a comfy chair with unique design, on a cold winter evening. It’s all about nature, so use materials like wood, leather, fur, stone, metal and natural fabrics.

Here are some beautiful examples of Scandinavian interior design that can inspire you to create your own stylish but comfortable home.


Beautiful nook for morning coffee - Scandinavian design Simple and cozy baby room in scandinavian style Scandinavian bedroom with big window - home decor Living room with turquoise sofa as centerpiece and scandinavian decor. Bright kitchen with metal and wood materials - Scandinavian design Scandinavian living room with colorful pillows. Colorful dinning space with simple scandinavian design. Functional grey kitchen with scandinavian interior design. Stylish grey sofa in scandinavian living room. Idea for dining room with kitchen in scandinavian style. A little home office with fireplace in the corner - Scandinavian interior design Minimalistic decor for bathroom inspired by Scandinavain style. Simple but stylish living room - Scandinavian interior design Cheerfully decorated office with pink accessories - home decor Scandinavian living room with beautiful wood floor. Rustic and scandinavian wooden table with chairs. Festive dinning table wih simple but colorful decor - Scandinavian interior design Scandinavian dinning space with rustic elements. Neutral living room inspired by scandinavian interior design. Scandinavian inspired small appartment. Beautiful kitchen with interesting wallpaper - Scandinavian interior design

Simple pretty kitchen with white tiles - Scandinavian interior design Black and white office in scandinavian interior design. Scandinavian rustic kitchen with metal appliances. Living room with wooden floor and furniture decorated in scandinavian style. Simple and peaceful bedroom, scandinavian inspired. Small and bright kitchen with green chairs - scandinavian home decor. Small Scandinavian appartment with built in brick kitchen island. Stylish living room with natural materials - Scandinavian interior design Warm scandinavian inspired home decor.

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