35 Brilliant Small Space Designs

Decorating a small space or a small room is a tricky business but it also allows you to think outside of a box and be creative. When you have to fill small space with furniture and make it look like it’s not crowded, you have to use some tricks and optical illusion. Interior decorators are master illusionists when it comes to decorating small spaces.

The proper colors for the room are very important because they can make it look optically bigger and huger than it actually is. Using light colors will make walls appear to recede, creating a bright and airy feel. Colors to consider are light blues, greens, light grays and neutrals.

A palette of off-whites or beiges will expand the space by appearing to push back the walls. Soft hues also tend to illuminate a room by reflecting light. In addition to enlarging an area, a neutral palette imparts instant sophistication and creates a calming environment.

Designers often place mirrors strategically in small places in order to make them feel larger. One of the most common small living room ideas is to hang a large mirror in a central location to create a focal point. If possible, position a mirror across from your window so it will reflect the view and give the illusion of another window.

To keep the open feel you want, pick a few cherished items and display them in creative ways.  Accessorize a bookcase, or hang a floating shelf for your family pictures, but do not clutter a tabletop. Less is more when furnishing a small space.

When it comes to small space, you may realize you have no room for storage and no floor space to add anything. The walls can offer you a solution.  Take advantage of the vertical space the walls offer, look at it as extra square footage.  They are a perfect surface for hanging shelves, or built-ins. Another way of creating extra space in a small home is by building a loft. Whether to use it as storage space, bedroom/sleeping space, or home office…

Enjoy these small space ideas.

Adorable boho chic small bathroom All white beautiful small kitchen with tiny kitchen island Beautiful modern small kitchen in neutrals Bedroom and living room in one - small space design Bedroom and work area in one - clever use of small space Bedroom nook - small space design Black and white modern nook in a narrow space Cool chic small living room in neutral colors with beautiful furniture pieces Elegant small living room with ceiling to floor curtains Functional kids room in a narrow space with studing area Gorgeous light brown tiny kitchen with a clever use of space Kitchen and living room in one - open small space Light oak colored kitchen cabinets in narrow and small space Living room and work space with chic decor in a small space Loft bed on top of bathroom - clever use of small space Lovely bathroom in a very tight space Lovely little nook transformed into dining booth - small space design Lovely white small kitchen and dining space with a rustic flair Modern small dining room in a narrow space looks chic and stylish Modern small home design with home office in the loft space Narrow hallway with clever storage space

Narrow room works very well like home office with a lot of storage space Neutral kitchen and dining room with living room in the loft - modern design Rustic small living room in a cottage style Scandinavian inspired all white kids room in small space Shades of beige and white small living room Simple white kitchen in a tight space Small bathroom storage solution in a shape of built in shelves Small bedroom with unusual nook for naps or additional bed Small living room with a big window as a focal point Soothing blue and green small bedroom with tile floor Stylishly decorated tiny kitchen and dining space with brick wall Tiny home kitchen nook - small space design Tucked away black and white bedroom with cool wall picture and lights Use space under stairs like a laundry area - small space design

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