35 Exotic African Style Ideas For Your Home

35 Exotic African Style Ideas For Your Home

Africa is a beautiful exotic place with rich cultural heritage and unique interior design. Designers are inspired by African culture for a number of reasons. For some, it is the dream of a photographic safari landscape, while others appreciate it from a cultural history perspective. Whatever it is that inspires you about African decor, there are plenty of ways to incorporate some timeless pieces into your own space.

African style is exciting and fits anywhere, whether your taste is modern, traditional, minimalist or eclectic. There are so many colors and textures in African fabrics, carvings and works of art, that it is easy to integrate them into your current design. African decor is inspired by nature, wild animals, colorful fabrics and wood carvings.

What are the characteristic features of African décor?

African nature is always warm-colored, and you should repeat that feature in your home, too: yellow, orange, ocher, burgundy, red, brown, buttermilk and so on.

African decoration and art become the focal point in a room, decorated in an African style

Wooden statuettes and masks are a sacred object in the life of African tribes, and of course, there’s no African interior without them. Statues of tribal leaders in full regalia, animal figures or warriors can be placed on shelves or tabletops as well as dramatic paintings or photographs on the walls, surrounded by tribal masks and weapons.  Get a variety of figurines with the wrong proportions, with deliberately elongated legs or hands, masks with feathers and various African pottery to decorate your home. These pieces are exactly what you need to give your interiors an Africa feel, even if they are minimalist.

Weaving carpets and textiles are a tradition for many centuries for African women, and they create unique patterns each time. Leopard and zebra prints are number one for textiles and upholstery, and of course for rugs because such carpets really create a mood.  Kuba cloth and Mudcloth are traditional African textiles that are showing up in some of the most exclusive homes.

Kuba cloth is created by the Kuba people of the Congo.  They create the cloth by taking the leaf of the Raffia tree hand cut and dye them using mud, indigo and other natural resources.  The fibers are weaved into strips to make the fabric using an embroidery technique that’s very time consuming and laborious.

The world of high style interiors has embraced Africa in a big way.  Some of the world’s most influential interior designers are using traditional African textiles and patterns in homes for design inspiration.

So scroll down for the best ideas of incorporating Africa into your home.


African mask,  juju hat as wall art and African mud cloth makes this modern living room African masks as wall art gives this space stylish vibe Amazing African dining room with beautiful multicolored baskets as wall art Beautiful African patterns and artwork in this boho living room Beautiful bedroom with African patterned mud cloth that makes it boho chic Beautiful zebra skin rug and woven basket lamps in this stylish African inspired dining room Beautifully arranged African baskets in the dining room Beige and dark brown living room inspired by Africa with African details Bohemian bathroom inspired by African mud cloth and patterns Chic African baskets on the wall, patterned rug and earth tones for modern living room Chic entryway inspired by Africa with earth tones and mud cloth bench Dark wood bench with a woven seat and Africa inspired patterned pillows Elegant living room inspired by Africa with African details like wooden figurines and woven baskets Faux zebra skin rug and beautiful African art in a living room Gorgeous African baskets make a beautiful wall gallery Home decor with African details like woven baskets and mud cloth pillows Lovely display of African masks and faux animal skin rug - African living room Minimalistic bedroom with hints of Africa Mix of African patterns and details - African home decor Modern African art pieces in a hall Modern and elegant African inspired living room

Modern space with traditional African ceiling and woven basket lamps Mud cloth with African patterns - home decor Ocher shades and African artworks - home decor Open space family room in African style Powerful African wall art and earth shades - home decor Soothing earth tones and African patterns - bedroom design Sophisticated outdoor dining setting and stylish African decor Spears as wall art and a faux zebra rug create African vibe in this living room Stylish African patterns and wall art Zebra patterned chair and natural materials in this African inspired room African art pieces and furniture makes this simple living room unique African baskets for hint of boho chic in this minimalistic room African inspired outdoor sitting area with stylish zebra skin upholstery stools African inspired room with large wall art

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    My mother is looking to decorate her house and she wants an authentic African feel. It’s interesting that you pointed out using masks since they are important for tribes. Getting other tribal objects like spears or baskets would be a great supplement to the decorations.

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