38 Fantastic Home Library Ideas For Book Lovers

38 Fantastic Home Library Ideas For Book Lovers

Books are such magical things and they deserve a special place in every house. Home libraries in the past had a dark, dusty vibe. But today that is not the case. Home libraries can be beautiful and functional way to display your books and makes your space homier and cozier.  So all bookworms can stylishly create a home library space whether large or small that is both smart and pretty.

Floor-to-ceiling shelves stuffed with books are delightful things for most of us. The truth is, nearly any wall that could benefit from a large piece of art or a focal point will benefit from wall-covering built-in bookshelves. This is good news for the modern home library: it doesn’t have to be its own room, but can be equally at home as a wall in the living room or even dining room.

This strategy turns what could potentially be an overload of random objects into orderly and bright décor. We especially like the white bookshelves with this strategy, because it sets off the colors and keeps everything feeling and looking fresh. Include comfy seating space because there is nothing better than snugging with a good book in a plush chair and immerse yourself into another universe.

So scroll down for home library ideas that will make you wish for a library of your own.


A little corner in a living room with comfy chair and floor to ceiling shelf create a pretty but small home library Artsy modern home library with floor to ceiling shelves Attic as a fun hhome library and reading corner Beautiful loft home library with a medival fun vibe Big hallway library if you don't have space for so many books Boho inspired home library with a good use of crates for bookshelves Books floating on the wall - fun home library design Bookshelf between balcon doors make this space an elegant home library Bookshelf in the shape of USA - fun home library design Bright lovely little reading nook - home library design Busy working library with fun bookshelf Classic white home library design Clean, ultra modern office and library in one - home library design Clever use of space - shelves under the stairs to display books and fill up space - home library design Colorful home library design Cozy reading nook with fireplace and bookshelves built in wall and under stairs for saving space Create reading space within your home library Cute dishevelled 18th century home library design Cute little bookshelf for displaying favorite books - home library design Dark blue luxurious home library Dark modern wall library with comfy sofa for reading

Elegant home office and library Floating shelves library and working desk in a midcentury style Frame built-in shelf in this bright and airy space - home library design Fun vertical bookshelf for a small reading corner If you have just a wall you can create beautiful home library Industrial design home library in a big way Large airy attic living room with home library on the wall Library in a bedroom for die-hard book lovers Living room and home library in one - bookshelf as room divider Lovely and very stylish home library with seating space Low bookshelf with fun wallpaper create unity - home library design Modern built-in bookcase - home library decor Shelves around windows make this corner cozy and bright home library Simple stylish built-in wall home library design Soothing cottage style home library Use a big wall shelf for a library and TV screen in the center of your living room Wide open space attic filled with books, lounging and dinning space - home library design

And for the end, we would like to impart a little wisdom:

A room without books is like a body without a soul


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