42 Chic Velvet Interiors To Make You Feel Like A King

What could be more seductive than an ornate chaise longue covered in plush shiny velvet? The silken fabric, so distinguished by its short dense pile and luxurious finish, first entered popular consciousness in the 14th century from the Far East, where it was historically passed along the legendary Silk route from Arabic countries to the Italian cities of Florence, Sicily and Lucca.

Such was its grandeur and capacity to maintain richly coloured dyes that velvet was initially reserved for the production of ecclesiastical vestments and opulent wall hangings. It wasn’t until later, when it passed from Italy to neighbouring European countries, that the material gravitated from the church to the palace and the esteemed upper classes, coming to be used for everything from carriage interiors to clothes and upholstery. Speaking of upholstery, we found this reupholstery service in Calgary that specializes in restoring the timeless elegance of fabrics like velvet, ensuring their legacy continues in modern homes.

The term velvet describes fabric with a pile made of silk thread; the structure of this fabric is created by warps that are drawn up over rods or wires to make the loops. This is part of the weaving process, and the looped pile is integral to the structure of the fabric.

As the weaving progresses, the rods are removed. The resulting loops may be cut to form dense pile, or left uncut. It has a wonderful sheen and depth of color, and the appearance changes as it drapes and folds and the light reflects off the various angles. Velvet is having a trending moment. One doesn’t want to cover their interiors completely in it, but adding a focal point with the right color palette consisting of color accented pillows, a simple duvet cover, an upholstered bench or elegant velvet sofa will add more drama without it feeling too much. Velvet with his luxurious beauty makes the space very classy and sophisticated place to live. With just one piece of furniture covered in velvet you will make your home more stylish than ever. Traditionally, velvet is associated with nobility. But it doesn’t mean that it can be integrated only in classy design. Velvet furniture can look great also in minimalistic and modern space. The best thing about velvet is its texture. Not only does it feel soft but it looks soft, too. It immediately lends a sort of softness and warmth to the room. You can alter the depth of this feeling depending upon the color of velvet that you choose and the boldness of the piece that you choose it for. It’s a flexible fabric if you’re not afraid to play around with it. Make your home lavish and sophisticated with these 42 design ideas with velvet details. Enjoy.

Artistic designed living room with large wall art and velvet sofa
Beautiful blue velvet chairs in elegant stylish dining room
Beautiful light grey sofa for relaxing and napping
Blush pink velvet sofa with interesting wall decor
Chic and luxurious living room with velvet green and gold sitting set
Chic elegant dining room with green velvet curtains and matching pillows
Chic velvet dark grey sofa with modern design
Colorful living room with blue velvet sofaand matching yellow lamps
Contemporary elegant design of living room with velvet chairs and sofa in different colors
Cozy lounging velvet sofa for naps or reading books
Dark blue chairs in velvet to make this dining room more elegant
Dark masculine bedroom with stylish brown velvet bed
Deep blue velvet chesterfield in this eclectic living room
Different shades of grey living room with cozy velvet sofa
Dreamy blush pink velvet bed
Elegant and modern blue velvet chair for stylish living room
Eclectic mix of patterns and textiles with dark green velvet sofa
Elegant dining room with cozy velvet chairs
Elegant feminine room with velvet violet sofa
Elegant vintage looking blue room with pink velvet coffee table
Gorgeous green pale green velvet sofa an home library at hand
Gorgeous velvet headboard and matching grey bedding
Green velvet sofa shaped in a half circle
Greenery and dark walls with lush green velvet sofa
Grey velvet headboard and bed with stylish decor and patterned wallpaper
Lavish  velvet chesterfield sofa in the center of living room
Lavish white velvet bed frame with elegant decor
Lilac velvet sofa in a grey interior
Lovely mix of dark blue rug and blush pink velvet chair
Luxurious vanity desk with beautiful golden velvet chair
Luxurious vibrant blue velvet bed frame
Modern decor and yellow velvet sofa
Neutral elegant bedroom with beige velvet bed frame
Orange velvet chair by the fireplace for cozy evening
Stylish black velvet armchair
Stylish green velvet chairs and heavy wood table with crystal chandelier
Stylish home library with velvet pale blue chairs
Two different dark blue velvet sofas facing each other for beautiful living room setting
Velvet chesterfield sofa gives this modern room an elegant vibe
Velvet pale blue sofa for elegant waiting room decor
Velvet sitting set in red and beautiful wallpaper to compliment it
Very elegant blue velvet ottoman with some velvet throw pillows for an elegant looking dining set

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  1. Laura says:

    I really love the blue lady face painting in the first shot, do you have any info on the painting or artist?

  2. Amy Pearce says:

    hey, you know the light green velvet French bed, whereabouts is it from? if you know by any chance xx

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