43 Stylish Industrial Designs For Your Home

Industrial design celebrates the beauty of revealing building elements that are typically hidden from view. This style embraces a raw and unfinished aesthetic, showcasing exposed pipes, ducts, brick walls, and timber roof trusses. In this context, finding the right roofing solution is crucial. When considering industrial design, it’s essential to partner with a reliable roofing company. If you’re looking for the cheapest roofing company to complement your industrial-themed project, it’s important to prioritize quality and affordability. Integrating cost-effective roofing solutions seamlessly into the design ensures a cohesive and budget-friendly approach to your industrial space. One such option could be incorporating Gutterilla – Existing Gutters RainDrop Guard, which not only fits well with the industrial vibe but also caters to your budgetary constraints.

Selecting pieces that are as much about function as style. Industrial showcases neutral tones, utilitarian and functional objects, wood and metal surfaces. For better exterior services you can check out the post that suggests what is actually best for your home. “Warehouse look” recently has taken the design world by storm.  And the inspiration for this look comes from buildings with historic pasts, barns, warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

The practice of restoring these kinds of buildings into swanky condos and chic office spaces is on the rise. Now you are probably wondering how you can learn more about incorporating industrial style into your traditional home. Well, like always, the catch is in details.

For example, industrial element that looks wonderful in the contemporary house is use of wrought iron, brushed nickel, copper or cast iron metals. You can add these materials in the form of small details like lighting fixtures, cabinet and doorknob hardware or small pieces of furniture like metal coffee table. Adding industrial elements is easiest to do in the kitchen – sleek stainless steel appliances with a simple hardware to give a nod to industrial look. Pendant lighting with old style bulbs  along with rustic metal fixtures can transform your kitchen instantly.  Bold graphics, murals or painting symbols, literary numbers and letters on exposed brick wall or hanging dominating abstract painting can turn your bedroom or living room into striking industrial style statement. There is an increase of furniture manufacturers embracing this wonderful industrial style and they are creating furniture pieces with minimal detailing and simple materials. So it is not so hard to find pieces for constructing your industrial oasis. Also, there is a lot of DIY techniques like faux finish technique and DIY tutorials that can help you, for example, make your own lighting fixtures. If you are in love with this stylish design as much as we are, scroll down to be inspired by gorgeous industrial rooms. Enjoy.

All white loft bedroom with minimalistic industrial design
Beautiful wood work and brick wall in this masculine home office
Black and red industrial dining space
Black stylish kitchen with fun wall art - industrial interior design
Brick wall, wooden table and chairs and metal shelf - industrial interior design
Busy stylish and industrial home office
Chic industrial loft in darker tones with all natural materials
Chic loft bedroom with minimalistic industrial decor
Colorful industrial home with exposed ceiling and cool lights
Concrete floor and exposed pipes in this industrial style appartment with a boho vibe
Cool and chic industrial bathroom
Cool industrial style corner with retro light fixtures and rustic metal cabinet
Cozy industrial living room with hanging hammock chair for indoor enjoyment
Delightfull work area with cool lighting ornament - industrial design
Exposed bricks and wires, retro lighting fixtures, and metal cabinets - industrial interior design
Fun industrial dining room with wooden table and metal chair and colorful area rug
Gorgeous airy living room in industrial style
Gorgeously chic industrial living room with beautiful furniture
Industrial interior mixed with midcentury furniture
Industrial living room with unusual sofa and a little of boho feel
Industrial style bedroom with cozy bed and minimalistic decor
Industrial style coffee table in beautiful living room
Industrial style staircase and cool wall mural
Inspiring industrial living room with red details and a hint of retro
Inspiring industrial style living and dining room with white brick walls and exposed pipes and beams
Kitchen and dining room in one and with all industrial style elements - beautiful glass ceiling
Lovely retro home office with colorful details - industrial style
Masculine industrial bedroom with rustic metal stairs
Mix of boho and industrial style - pink sofa gives it an elegant feminine touch
Neutral tones kitchen with open shelving and exposed pipes - industrial design
Retro industrial dining space with rustic metal chairs
Retro looking kitchen in industrial style
Simple grey industrial bedroom
Sleek industrial bathroom with natural materials and colors
Slick polished industrial kitchen with wooden cabinets and brick walls
So chic industrial kitchen in neutral hues
Spacious industrial living room in neutral tones
Stainless steel kitchen - industrial interior design
Stylish and modern dining space with cool lighting fixtures and exposed brick wall - industrial interior design
Stylish industrial bathroom with genious metal pipes bathroom vanity
Trendy and polished breakfast nook in industrial styled appartment
Uptown industrial dining room with repurposed wall art
White retro living room in industrial interior design

Add industrial decor to your home:

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  3. rampa says:

    It’s a small room, but it’s very functional, and it’s filled with lots of vintage pieces that make me happy, like an antique clothes wringer, with my daughter’s baby dress hanging on it, and a plumbing pipe bar to hang clothes on

  4. Interior Design Bangalore says:

    hey Marija Cvijovic Loved your Designs & inspired us. These stylish industrial designs helps more for people who are having small space in there home.


    Archana Sharma

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