44 Luxurious Bathtubs For Your Ultimate Enjoyment

44 Luxurious Bathtubs For Your Ultimate Enjoyment

There are few things more enjoyable and soothing than a nice, long bath. But, sadly, not everyone has this luxury for one or another reason. Nowadays, there are number of solutions if you crave this pleasurable  experience in your home.

Forget the basic, unattractive bathtub that typically hides behind your shower curtain. These days, bathtubs can be pretty, elegant, and streamlined. From a whirlpool system to a soaker tub, today’s bathtub styles and options can be the centerpiece of your bathroom.

Bathtubs are many things: a place to wash up, a spot to relax, and the location of the nightly kid-cleaning ritual. Everyone uses it differently, and thankfully there is a variety of options available — claw-foot tub, jetted tub, freestanding tub, corner tub or soaking tub — to fit all unique needs. The bathtub style you choose will ultimately come down to your budget as well as your personal style preference. Bathtub manufacturers produce a variety of styles and looks to match your taste, as well as to fit your budget. Be sure to check out pictures of bathtub options online or in design books to help you determine which style you prefer.

In general, you have four styles of bathtubs to choose from.

Three-wall alcove or recessed bathtub – is most commonly used tub that have walls on three sides with only the fourth side finished. They can be transformed into showers with the addition of a shower curtain or a wall kit and they are practical and more affordable.

Corner bathtub design ideas are ideal for tucking a tub into an underutilized space in your bathroom. These tubs don’t require the long wall space that standard bathtubs do. This design also frees up more space that can be used for a separate shower enclosure and more storage. The placement of corner bathtubs also opens up the center section of a bathroom, which allows for better traffic flow in the bathroom.

Freestanding tubs provide placement versatility, are easy to install and don’t require special faucet drilling. There are several different designs, and they often come with a sloped back for extra comfort.

Drop-in bathtub design ideas appeal to lots of homeowners because of their versatility in design options. Because drop-in bathtubs are essentially just tub shells, this allows for limitless design possibilities for the deck and surround, and the units can be completely customized to your design tastes.

Enjoy our collection of luxurious bathtub designs.

A tub in front of green wall - nature inspired bathroom Beautiful all white bathroom and tub with wooden accents Beautiful bowl tub in the master bathroom Beautiful tub and black and white design Beige bathroom with beautiful tub for relaxing Beige bathroom with free standing soaking tub Black clawfoot tub and elegant decor Blue bathroom with mix of styles and clawfoot tub at the center Boho bathroom with black tub and greenery Brownish bathroom with mosaic siding on the bathtub Chic brick bathroom design with a retro green bathtub Chic contemporary styled bathroom with huge bathtub Chic copper soaking tub Chic minimalistic design and beautiful mosaic with stone Contemporary neutral bathroom with soaking tub Dreamy elegant bathtubin neutral hues Elegant bathroom with golden bathtub Elegant vintage style bathtub with floral wallpaper Gorgeous bathroom and tub with beautiful floral tile work Grey bathroom with gorgeous bathtub Interesting tile work and bathtub for enjoying bubbles

Lovely white minimalistic bathroom with tub and shower Luxurious all white bathroom with free standig bathtub Luxurious drop in tub with stairs for great enjoyment Luxuriously rustic bathroom and tub design Marble luxurious bathtub with masculine vibe Mini but stylish wood bathtub for small space Minimal bathroom design with big bathtub and turkish towel on the side Minimalistic dark bathroom with bathtub Minimalistic styled bathroom with marble and bowl shaped bathtub Neutral contemporary bathroom with soaking tub Neutral contemporary slipper tub and bathroom inspired by Morocco Posh bathroom with big white bathtub and elegant chandelier Romantic setting with small bathtub and beige tiles Rustic bathroom with vintage wood bathtub Rustic elegance with soaking tub and rock wall Simple beautiful bathroom with tub and ethnic elements Simple design with bathtub in all white bathroom Simple design with high windows and free standing tub Smart and simple bathtub with blue patterned tiles Smart bathtub and shower Soothing stone bathroom and soaking tub Stone bathtub and minimalistic design Vintage bathroom with grey bathtub

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