45 Wonderful White Walls Interior Ideas

45 Wonderful White Walls Interior Ideas

White has long been thought of as a safe room interior color with many people using it like a neutral, non-color. However, when treated like the gorgeous color it is, white makes a bold, clean dramatic design statement and can be the most exciting room colors of all.

White is one of those colors that many homeowners shy away from, as they are nervous about making an all-white room feel comfortable and welcoming. White can be the most refreshing color of the spectrum. It can evoke purity, cleanliness, but also confidence and sophistication.

Instead of getting intimidated by white, look at white as a fresh start to do whatever you want and go wherever your creativity will take you!

Believe it or not, there are hundreds of shades of white and all of them do not look like versions of beige!  From pinks and yellows to greens and purples, there are underlying faint hints of color in a variety of whites. Choose what furniture and decor your home has the majority of color in. Look to kitchen cabinets, flooring, countertops and tile in your bathroom for color cues on how to choose the best underlying colored white. There are several ‘perfect whites’ for every home.

White on white on white is a beautiful look — but how to pull this off without your home looking like a hospital room or a museum?

If your room is lacking personality or warmth, consider layering whites in similar shades of white, warm whites, gray, warm grays, etc.… pick pieces of the same color, but in different textures, so they play off each other and create visual texture. That way the eye doesn’t get bored. Use patterns, textures and varying materials in similar white hues to create a room that has depth and interest. This especially works well in bedrooms. Textiles, an upholstered headboard, window treatments and bedding can all work together in harmony in varying shades of tone-on-tone white varieties.

Adding colorful items keep these rooms from feeling sterile, and the white backdrop makes those little bits of color really stand out. A little bit of black (or dark grey) is a good way to ground an all-white interior. Also,  wood adds warmth and texture to interiors that might otherwise seem a little unapproachable.

Either if you prefer minimalist, vintage or romantic style, white is always a good choice.  So, scroll down for inspiration on gorgeous white interiors.


All white dining room and furniture - gorgeous monochrome design Beautiful white bathroom with gold details Beautiful white kitchen cabinets Beautiful white plaster of Paris style in this stylish and elegant living room Beautiful white space with added neutral shades to soften the room Big stylish white living room and library in one Calm and beautiful white living room with grey sofa in the center Contemporary chic bedroom in white with modern wall art Contemporary modern style living room in white with black and beige details Contemporary small kitchen in white Cozy living room in white and warm neutral tones Dining room with white walls and stylish dining furniture Elegant and modern design in this white dining room Elegant marble all white kitchen with gold details and lighting Feminine and stylish all white vanity station Gorgeous open space appartment in different shades of white Gorgeously elegant dining room in white with beautiful chandelierLuxurious and cozy all white bedroom with from floor to ceiling windows Marble bathtub and white tiles - bathroom design Minimalistic all white luxurious bathtub Minimalistic work space at home in white

Modern and eclectic all white living room Modern style white living room with warm brown sofa Modern wall art and white decorated living room Monochromatic all white decorating style Paris style living room in white with beautiful plaster walls and golden accents Pretty and cozy white bedroom with grey shades rug and fluffy bed cover Rustic and modern white bathroom decor Scandinavian styled dining room in white Shades of white and neutral colors in gorgeously elegant and lux bathroom Simple but elegant white bedroom decor So stylish kids room in shades of white Stunning all white bedroom with beautiful texture Stylish living room in white with the cozy sofa Stylish white and cream mixed living room Stylish white bedroom with bohemian vibe Stylish work space in white shades Totally minimalistic white room with Asian vibe Totally white stylish kitchen with metro tiles Well used under stairs - small work space in stylsih white White and beige is the best combination - home decor White background with red details - home decor White bedroom with bohemian details like colorful bedding White metro tiles and open shelves - kitchen design White open plan dining room

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  1. Patrick says:

    White walls ???

    Bland, clinical, sterile, minimalist – like living in an asylum….
    ….or one could go mad and end up in one.

    And high maintenance too.

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