51 Beautiful Bohemian Inspired Designs

The Bohemian (or Boho) design captures the carefree and experimental essence of the namesake lifestyle. A bohemian interior décor is characterized as casual, a bit unconventional and infused with artistic elements.  Dressing your home that way is anything but boring. It’s fashion-forward, relaxed, cozy and very stylish genre of decorating. Creating a stylish bohemian home means a little bit eclectic and a little modern, but always colorful and very fun. It means creating an absolutely different and your own personalized atmosphere.

Actually, the best feature of this style is that you can mix and match as you wish because the bohemian look is very forgiving. You can throw totally different art pieces together, mix vintage with contemporary and mix colors and patterns. It features heavy use of vibrant colors, bold hues, especially those with red or purple tones. Color can be subdued, rich, bold, or barely there. It can be neat with few objects or items arranged in collections, or a bit disheveled.

Traditional design “rules” are thrown out the window, replaced by a casual beauty. It’s all about textures and details. The key is to carefully present a purposefully “messy” look. Layer on textiles (throws, pillows, rugs, tapestry) for a warm feeling. You can mix boho with other styles.

There are some essentials that can help you decorate your home in this gorgeous eclectic style. First is antiques. You’ve got to be open to decorating with things that have a vintage flair. Whether it’s an antique headboard or a vintage chandelier, the layers of mixing old and new is the best part of the boheme feeling. Boho glam is all about layering.

There is something about candles that goes with boho. And lanterns create an atmosphere of warm weather outdoor glow that is essential for bohemian living. Two things that say boho more than anything are pillows and rugs.  Pile on the pillows. No matter what room it is, the more pillows the merrier. Textures and fabrics are what make a space feel bohemian, so don’t be shy with this must have element. And you want to pull the whole look together with a flokati or Moroccan rug. Something that your feet will just sink into.

Our Turkish towels go very well with this kind of home decor.

Have a look at these charming interiors in Bohemian style and enjoy.

Beautiful bohemian and fun outdoor space Beautiful sitting nook with different floral patterns Black and white bathroom with boho rug to give it a warm feel Bohemain living room with lots of pillows and patterned rug Boho and Morroco inspired sitting nook Boho chic bathroom with clawfoot bathtub and gold details Boho chic kitchen with beautiful tile floor and painted ceiling Boho kitchen with awesome fridge - modern boho design Boho living room with lots of color, pattern, textile and wall decor Boho patterns gives this bedroom life Boho patterns on the furniture - bohemian design Bold blue vintage kitchen - boho inspired Bright and colorful bohemian bathroom Bright and pink bohemian living room Bright boho room with green shutters and patterned tiles Busy red boho kitchen with black and white tiles Colorful tiles and mosaics in this bright bohemian bathroom Cool boho cottage bedroom with exposed beams - modern boho design Cool tiles in a vintage bohemian bathroom Cozy boho outdoor nook for lazing around - bohemian design Decorate your boho room with colorful pillows and lots of frames on your wall

Elegant kitchen with boho details Fabrics above bed make cozy atmosphere in this boho bedroom Feminine boho room with lots of patterns Fun and cozy bedroom loft - modern boho design Fun boho interior with cozy chair for daydreaming Gorgeous bedroom with hammock- modern bohemian design Gorgeous bed frame with boho bedding - bohemian decor Great wall decor in this boho living room Living room with subtle boho pieces like this beautiful kilim rug Lots of killim rugs - boho inspired decor Luxurious rich boho design Modern meets vintage in this dinning space, mix and match - boho design Modern office space with stunning tile floor - boho design Morrocan and boho design with colorful details Neutral boho bedroom with lots of layers and different patterns Neutral Boho inspired studio in earth tones and a liitle bit of Christmas spirit Ordered mess - bohemian decor Pillows give it a rich boho feel - modern boho design Pleasantly cluttered living room - boho design Rich and elegant dining space with bohemian details and colorful table setting Rich green bedroom with gorgeous wall and patterned bedding - boho design Simple bathroom with rich colorful rug to gives it a bohemian vibe Simple bedroom with subtle boho details like rug and bed cover Simple boho inspired living room Stunning boho living room Subtle bohemian details in this luxurious dinning space Throw patterned pillows and vintage looking furniture - modern bohemian design Unusual purple Boho bedroom - modern bohemian design White and grey neutral boho dessign ith accent on patterns and textiles White dinning room with boho details,

Decorate your home with bohemian decor:

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