8 Really Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Home

1) Make Sure Every Room Has a Focal Point

This could be anything from a fireplace to a bay window. Your focal point should draw attention and have a lasting impression.

Focal point interior design


2) Dress Up Your Hallway With a Turkish Rug

Lets face it, a Turkish Rug makes everything a little classier.

Decorate with a Turkish Rug

3) Move Furniture Away from Walls.

Give your furniture some breathing room! Putting a few inches between the furniture and the wall will warm up the space and create flow.

Move Furniture Away From Walls


4) Make the Most of the Light

Make sure you allow as much light to flood into the room as possible.


Light in Interior Design

5) Know Where To Put Your (Turkish?) Rug


Where to Put Turkish Rug

6) Vary Up Textures – Mix patterns & Combine the Unexpected.

Not everything has to match perfectly, a little dissonance adds a homey touch.

Mix Patterns & Create the unexpected

7) Go Green

A little indoor greenery adds a little color to any room, go crazy!

Go Green - Use a lot of Plants

8) Use Large Mirrors In Small Rooms

A large mirror in a small room makes the room seem bigger and less constricting. Don’t be scared to go big!

Use Large Mirrors in Small Rooms

And that’s it!

What are your favorite tips for spicing up the home?


8 really easy ways to spice up the home

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