90 Cozy Rooms You’ll Never Want To Leave!

50 Cozy Rooms You'll Never Want To Leave!

Going through these photos will make you want to cozy up and go into hibernation for weeks.

A room needs to be more than just an assortment of furniture, regardless of what purpose it’s being used for. What’s more, the most thoughtfully designed of spaces can evoke a whole range of emotions in those who experience it.

From bedrooms to libraries, from masonry to minimalism, scroll on to discover what an artfully crafted room can arouse in you – even if it’s just the desire to curl up with a mug of hot chocolate and a book — sounds cozy right?.

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Comfortable coastal lookout with room to breathe.

Inspiring, cozy views just outside the safety of your bed.

Nature’s knocking at your window in this rustic space

comfy window spot

Indulge your fantasies with this über-cozy magical retreat. comfy window bed

Elegance and ease swirled together in this cozy haze of comfort.comfy view

Perfect for quiet nights in with a special someone.comfy nook throws

A comfortable bed, stylish decorations, a warm fire – bliss.comfy bedroom

Escape from it all in this unique attic hideaway.

comfy bed attic

Relive your childhood with this blanket-lined fort concept.comfy bed & lights

A homey den where you can be yourself. comfortable living room

Invite some friends and spend memorable time together in this cosy bunk-bed setup.beds inlet room

Find inner peace in this symmetrical attic hideout.

bed in attic

White has never looked so cosy as in this adorable triangular bedroom.beautiful_bed_light

Indulge your monastic side with this back-to-basics refuge. attic peace

Futuristic design draws inspiration from nature to give this coastal lodge a unique look.all wooden hallway

There’s never been a cozier place to read. wooden_accent

No shortage of homely bedrooms to be found in this adorable hamlet.village view cute

Let your sophisticated side out with this creative take on a wine cellar.


This pretty wooden abode takes maximizing space to a new level. tight house

Simplicity is the name of the game with this straightforward bedroom.tight bed computer

Invite nature in with this balcony set right in the canopy of the forest.swinging_chair

Lisbon can make even the rainiest of days look romantic and exciting.street scene san francisco

Solitude has never looked so warm.snowy_house_fire

Stay toasty as the world freezes outside your window.snow_bed_view

The watchword in rustic opulence.rustic living room

The comfort of the bed is highlighted by the stone wall beside itrock walls bedroom

Enjoy a few beers with friends in this delightfully low-tech café garden. restaurant decor

If you listen hard enough, you can hear your boots crunching in the freshly fallen snow.pretty winter scene

Leaves and wood make for an enchanting combination. beautiful_garden

Take your time over a cup of tea in this rustic retreat.many windows bedroom

A modern take on hundreds of years of Eastern elegance.many pillows

Spend quality time with someone special in this endearing home-made tent.lit up tent

Ghost stories just beg to be told in this atmospheric space.lit candles in room

Final proof that interior design can be arthuge trees background

Perfect for close friends and good conversationhostel wooden

Modern romance, painted with a classic touchhappy train

This window just begs to be drawn on with a finger

foggy windows on glass

Geometry can be beautiful, too.

empty attic bed

It doesn’t get much more creative than a gorgeous, cozy  wooden door set into the back of a truck. cute truck house

Nature and comfort come together in this stylish nook.crowded garden

Because music is only improved by an ethereal space to play it in. crowded comfy room

Ease your mind in this straightforward townhouse. cramped apartment comfortable

White cushions and pillows blend with the cool touch of the stone to create a smooth finish.

cool bedroom

Cozying up with your pet on a rainy day.

A Cozy Bedroom

Shut the world out in this delicate alcove.

Beautiful alcove to just close the curtains and hide.

A colorful bed to waste time in.

Bright comfy bed to spend lazy Sunday afternoons in

Sit by the fire, play the guitar, and spend some time.

Cheerful area where you can sit by the fire and play guitar

Cozy room with a striking view.

Comfortable cabin with the great view

Comfy looking, rustic bedroom with net above the bed to add to snug feeling.

Comfy looking , rustic bedroom with net above the bed to add to snug feeling

Tucked up in the woods, this house is coziness itself

Comfy looking home

Comfy sitting area in a Cornwall cottage.

Comfy sitting area in a cottage in cornwall

Cushy and intimate for morning coffee.

Cushy and intimate for morning coffee

Austerity, glamour – and a fireplace, such a cozy room.

Cozy room to sip tea in front of a fireplace

Spend a crackling Christmas in front of the fire.

Cozy Christmas in front of a fire

Take some time out in this stone cottage.

Cozy Bedroom in a Stone Cottage

This bed makes great use of space tucked into the wall like it is

Cozy bed tucked into a wall

Pouffy cushions and fuzzy blankets make a home out of this bedroom.

Cushy and restfull bedroom to lounge around

Any Christmas spent in this bedroom is sure to be extra-festive.

Festive bedroom to celebrate Christmas morning

Curl up beside the fireplace with a good book and some good friends.

Fireplace in a sunroom gives it a warm, fuzy vibe

Dream your days away in pastel perfection.

Girly bedroom for daydreaming

Warm up in style with this cozy setup.

Heaven for tucking up with a good book and hot coffee to warm you all over

Perfect for those days when you don’t want to go anywhere.

Messy but snug bedroom when you don't want to get up because it's cold outside

Stylish wood trappings blend modernity with timelessness.

listening raindrops on your window

Gorgeously kitsch, this retro look is nothing short of charming.

I'd have a hard time leaving this small cottage bedroom.

This straightforward design is minimalistic without sacrificing comfort.

My cozy student apartment

Wake up to mountains so close you can smell them.

Overlooking the mountains

Santa won’t want to leave this Christmas.

Perfect warm place to wait for Santa

A traditional English cottage to bring you back in time.

reading nook in a traditional english cottage

Watch the leaves change from the comfort of this lodge.

Sheltered little cottage to spend holidays in

Indulge your playful side with this youthful treehouse.

Sunny warm tree house to play around

Passing sunny afternoons becomes an activity itself in this lazy lounge.

Soft and warm sunroom to laze about

Count the snowflakes from underneath a blanket in this winter paradise.

Snugged up outdoor space to watch snowflakes falling

Colorful and warm, you’ll never want to leave this cosy bedroom.

snog little cottage bedroom

Rest your mind with a good book in this modern nook.

Sheltered nook for reading a book and napping

Make romance more than a word with this magical bathroom.

to relax with candles and wine

You don’t have to be asleep to dream in this comfortable, cozy bed.

Dream away in this magical comfy bed.

Watch the curl of the fog from inside this homely living room.

Warm and comfy living room from where to look at foggy mountains

Read. Relax. Dream. Repeat.

Warm reading nook for book lovers

Count the raindrops as they trickle down your window.

Watching the rain run down your window

Treat your pet to some creature comforts with this gorgeous fireplace setup.

Leather chair to cuddle up in front of a fire with your furry friend

Wait away the hours in this intimate sitting area.

Intimate sitting area

Let your imagination run wild in this inspiring attic bedroom.

A great place to watch the rain or stars from.

Warm yourself up with some rustic bedding on this elegant chaise lounge.

Rustic bedding ona comfy sofa for cuddling up

Get comfy with a warm blanket:

7 thoughts on “90 Cozy Rooms You’ll Never Want To Leave!

  1. Steve says:

    Gotta say some of those rooms were major fire hazards with fabric next to heaters or sources of heat etc. some cringe worthy (do you _really_ want to go to sleep in full view of your next door neighbors? — or rather your neighbors being in full view of you??) and others were amazingly smart.

  2. Leigh B says:

    These were wonderful. The critics seem to be unaware these rooms were designed for photo shoots. Every pictures made you want to go in and take a nap with your favorite book.

  3. JUDE says:

    Great ideas for Texas, where rooms comfortable in brutal summers can freeze you to death in the short, cold winters. Looks like darkening a room, crowding it a little, mixing patterns & adding woolly, fuzzy fabrics might go a long way to help cozify my RV . Thanks! I was wondering how to plan.

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