What Are Turkish Towels? – An Exhaustive Guide

what are turkish towels? an exhaustive guide

You’ve probably heard the term Turkish Towel thrown around a lot. We wanted to answer any questions you might have about what makes a turkish towel, why it’s better and how it’s different from a regular towel. Lets jump right in.

5 PERFECT Examples of Turkish Towel & Pestemal Bath Decor


A pestemal is a traditional flat woven turkish towel. They’re wildly underutilized in Western home & bath decor – we think this should change! Here are 5 beautiful and absolutely ON POINT interior home designs that utilize pestemal.

Bath Towel Sizing – What You Should Know

Bath Towel Sizing - What You Should Know

Bath Towels come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. However, it’s important to know the value of a bath towel you’re going to be buying. If you don’t know your bath towel size of your towel off the top of your head, it might be hard to figure out what size you need to buy!

Turkish Textiles – An Overview

Turkish Textiles - An Overview

Turkish textiles are renowned around the world for being beautiful, well made and just a great value. We decided to dig a little deeper and find out exactly what makes Turkish textiles better. So first – lets talk a little bit about the history of Turkish textiles.

How Our Artisan Turkish Towels & Pestemal Are Made

Artisan weaving Pestemal

Who Are The Artisans? From Left to Right:  Süzan, Özcan, Durmuş, Sezai, Osman, Remzi. These 6 artisans are the ones who loomed your pestemal. Osman himself has more than 45 years experience hand-looming towels.

The Secret to Fresh Smelling Towels

Not a lot of things get me as excited & pumped as reading about life hacks that are actually useful. Here’s one I discovered through a LOT of trial and error You probably take the time and wash your towels whenever they start to act suspicious. Even if you wash your towels every week, they might […]

Bamboo Towels & What You Need to Know

pink bamboo pestemal

What Are Bamboo Towels? You’ve probably heard about bamboo towels. Maybe you’ve felt one at a store somewhere and wondered about them. What is a bamboo towel? A bamboo towel is a type of towel made out of bamboo fibres. Modern bamboo clothing is clothing made from either 100% bamboo yarn or a blend of bamboo and […]

Meeting our Manufacturing Partners and Red Water Springs (Part 2)

We woke up the next morning feeling absolutely exhilarated — it was finally time to meet our manufacturing partners & the artisans behind our towels in Babadag, Turkey. We were still in shock and full of gratitude to find some friends who agreed to spend the day translating for us. It was the result of a […]

Our First Day In Turkey (Part 1)

We got back from Turkey two days ago, tired and exhausted. Now that we’ve rested up a bit we wanted to recount our trip and describe everywhere we went. During our trip, we made some amazing friends from some unexpected places…we hope you all get the chance to visit Turkey some day too! We arrived in […]

4 Reasons We Love Turkey (And You Should Too!)

We talk about Turkey a lot here at loombrand, but what’s the big deal? Here are 4 great reasons we absolutely adore Turkey, and why you should too. 4) The Food Is Absolutely Delicious Kofta Kebob Turkish meatball, usually made out of beef or lamb, mixed with spices and/or onions. Want to make it? Here’s a […]