5 Of Our Favorite Artisan Products from Etsy

We love artisan products, so we decided to do a roundup of some of our favorite artisan products throughout all of Etsy. Green Bean Natural Soy Candles Why We Like Them Made from pesticide free soy wax. Each candle is handmade in the USA. Organic, Vegan & GMO free! What the maker says: Soy wax burns […]

Turkish Cotton vs Egyptian Cotton

what are turkish towels? an exhaustive guide

So you’re looking to buy yourself a nice new bath towel set. Great! One of the first things you must decide is what kind do you want? The textile market is utterly saturated with different companies marketing different terms to try to trick uneducated consumers. Is Pima cotton really the best cotton in the world (psst. […]

How Turkish Towels & Pestemal Are Made

Have you wondered how exactly Turkish towels are made? What makes them different from a regular towel? The video below contains a few words directly from our manufacturer in Babadag, along with clips that illustrate the incredible care and effort that go into making each of our pestemal towels. The crafting of pestemals is a tradition that has been […]

What is Pestemal and Where Should You Buy It?

Formerly known as the loombrand Heavy

Handloomed in Babadag, these bath towels will add a modern yet exotic decor to your bathroom.

Handloomed jacquard terry weave over solid pastel colors
Inspired by the beautiful traditional Turkish pestemal
• Highly Absorbent 
• Dries quickly
• Portable
100% Turkish Cotton means that these Turkish towels get softer the more they are washed & used.


This towel is ideal if used as a classic bath towel. It is double sided which means that one side is the loombrand LIGHT, and one side is a soft 100% Turkish cotton layer.

This towel can fit in a purse or a beach bag in a pinch.