42 Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas That’ll Blow Your Mind

This time of the year is always exciting because Christmas is coming! Christmas Tree is the first thing when it comes to decorating your home for Christmas celebrations. It’s the centerpiece of your holiday home decorations.

The custom of decorating a Christmas tree is an old one but there are so much wonderful unusual and new ideas to do it. People usually use an evergreen tree such as spruce, pine or fir or artificial tree of similar appearance and decorate it with silver bells, elegant ornaments, colorful garlands, and more.

But nowadays, there are innovative and alternative ways to get that perfect Christmas tree that will put you in holiday spirit. You can make a Driftwood Christmas Tree, Pallets Christmas Tree, Christmas Tree wall décor, Tree made of cotton, of pinecones , paper or newspapers, wine corks, different materials …

A Mini Tree, a Tabletop Tree or Wall Christmas Tree are great solutions if you don’t have much space in your house and can be really fun to create. Also DIY trees can save money and they are eco-friendly.

First advice is to choose a unique Christmas tree theme, so that you will not lose your direction. For a traditional theme, look for solid ornaments in red, white, silver and gold. For a more modern look, choose ornaments with graphic designs in a more updated scheme, like lime green and fuchsia or violet and bronze. You can buy ornaments or make them. Handcrafted ornaments aren’t just for kids.

Tree decorated with  simple ornaments fashioned from twigs, pinecones, hot glue and white spray paint, can be really pretty if you want that rustic chic vibe.

We made a collection of our favorite traditional and alternative Christmas Trees for you to be inspired and to help you decorate your home with a perfect tree this year.


Alternative Christmas Tree hanging on a wall Alternative Christmas Tree from branches Alternative Christmas Trees in a pot with different-materials Alternative Christmas Tree with white letters Alternative eco friendly Christmas Tree Alternative Christmas tree made of driftwood Beautiful vintage Christmas tree made of sheet music Christmas Tree made of cushions - holiday decor Christmas Tree made from wine corks Wall Christmas Tree Alternatives Wall Christmas tree with lights Creative rustic Christmas-tree Christmas Tree decoration -with silver vintage crosses DIY Christmas tree like wall decor - very creative and versatile DIY Christmas tree - made of old newspapers Handmade driftwood Christmas tree on canvas Handmade driftwood Christmas tree with lights Just awesome decorations and Christmas tree. Wonderful Ladder Christmas Tree - alternative Mint green tabletop Christmas tree made of wood shims Nature Inspired Christmas tree

Original Christmas tree wall hanging Photo album Christmas tree Pine cone Christmas tree - creative minimalism Rainbow Christmas Tree Pallets Christmas tree with white decoration, lights and candles Scandinavian inspired Chrsitmas tree Snowflakes in a shape of a tree - Alternative Christmas Tree Student style creative Christmas Tree Tradiional Christmas tree Traditional Silver and Gold Christmas Tree Traditional red and gold Christmas Tree Traditional rustic Christmas Tree Traditional Christmas Tree Traditional Christmas Tree woodsy Traditional red and gold Christmas-Tree Wall Christmas Tree with shelves Wall Christmas Tree Wall Christmas Tree - Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas Wall Christmas Tree - Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas Red Personalized Wall Christmas Tree Winter Woodland Christmas Tree

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