Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions at loombrand.

Our Products

How do I wash my linens?
Gentle laundering is really the way to go. Machine wash in warm or cold with like colors. Tumble dry on low or line dry. Please do not use bleach, harsh detergents, dryer sheets or high heat. Pestemals get better with use and some need to be "broken in" by washing and drying them in a dryer on medium heat a few times. This make them softer and more absorbent.
What's a Turkish Towel or Pestemal?

A pestemal or peshtamal (pesh-te-mahl) is an authentic Turkish towel. It is generally flat-woven with a hand-tied fringe and made with Turkish cotton You can find a more detailed answer on what makes turkish towels special in our informational section here.

What's the difference between a peshtamal, pestemal, hammam towel, turkish towels, etc?
All these terms refer to types of bath towels made in turkey. Pestemal, peshtamal & hammam towels are generally lighter and have a more beach-towel like appearance. Whereas turkish towels are generally thicker.
Where are loombrand products made?
All of our products are sourced from artisans & villagers from Babadag and nearby villages in Turkey.
Where are loombrand products REALLY made?
No, seriously... All of our products are sourced from artisans in Turkey. In fact we traveled to meet them in 2014. Here's a blog post with details about our trip.
How are your turkish towels & pestemal made?
Glad you ask. Here's a short video which shows our artisans making these towels:

Shipping & Returns

How long does shipping take?
We try our best to have the towel on your doorstep within 10 days. Sometimes things happen, if your order gets lost in the mail - reach out & we'll make it right.
What is your return policy?
We accept free returns within 60 days of purchase. The product can not have been used or washed in order to process the return.
How can I track my order?
We'll email you a tracking code with every purchase.

Credit & Payments

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards & paypal.
Is there an incentive if I refer someone?
Not right now - we're working on it!
Can I trust you with my credit card data?
Absolutely, we use state-of-the-art SSL encryption and work with high-end data security companies to ensure that your credit card information is completely secure. It's so secure that we wouldn't be able to tell you your credit card number even if we wanted to.