The Secret to Fresh Smelling Towels

Not a lot of things get me as excited & pumped as reading about life hacks that are actually useful.

Here’s one I discovered through a LOT of trial and error

You probably take the time and wash your towels whenever they start to act suspicious.

Even if you wash your towels every week, they might not necessarily smell good or fresh. This may come as a bit of a shock to some, but its’ true!

This is the kind of thing that’s more common if you’re in the Southern part of the US. This is because the South tends to have a lot of calcium in the water – which tends to build up in the thick fabric of towels.

Combine that water with all the different detergents you use, eventually you’ll end up with some pretty nasty towels!

I remember hearing a lot about the magic benefits of baking soda for cleaning, I figured I’d give it a shot!

In place of laundry detergent, I put a pretty significant amount of baking soda into a full load of towels. I washed it using hot water. You’re going to have to trust me with the next step, it sounds strange but it’s key!

When it comes time for the rinse cycle, I use white distiller vinegar (apple cider vinegar is fine too) instead of fabric softener.

Right After the rinse cycle, put the freshly washed towels into the dryer. You’ll end up with clean and fresh towels without any hints of vinegar.

Your towels will not only smell clean, but they also won’t have the smelly residues that the fragrances of the detergents, fabric softener and hard-water create. This method also works for those towels that have been stored in a linen closet for a long time. I have been using this method for over a year now and it never fails.

 Try it. It works. I promise.



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