25 Inspiring & Mind-Blowing Chair Designs

These unusual chair designs demonstrate that human imagination and creativity has no limit.

A chair is common and simple thing in our lives and we use them every day. But this ordinary piece of furniture can be original, funny, creative, comfortable, versatile, mind blowing, made of wood, glass, different kind of fabrics, cardboard etc. It can be turned into a work of art and be a great source of inspiration.

There are lots of unique creations out there and, although it’s impossible to know them all, it’s always fun and interesting to discover them one by one. We gathered some very cool chair designs for you to be inspired.

Scrol down and enjoy.

1.The Breathing chair by Wu Yu-Ying

The design focuses on the interaction between user and the chair design. Breathing chair elastically transforms when people sit on it. The edges of the chair automatically become the armrest. Also, when the user stands up from the chair, the chair returns to the original shape of a cube.

Breathing chair - Creative chair design Breathing chair by Wu Yu-Ying - unusual chair design


 2. Funny See-Saw Twin Chair

Funny See-Saw Twin Chair


3. Open Book Chair designed by TILT

The Open Book Chair is a seat and a library in one. It’s a comfortable reading space that also displays books and magazines.

Open Book Chair - creative chair design Open Book Chair by TILT - unusual chair design


4. Chair Inside A Chair

When closed, it reduces storage space, when opened – it becomes a comfortable sitting and useful side table and totally independent from other elements. Designed by Flavio Scalzo.

Chair Inside Chair - creative chair designChair Inside Chair


5. The Nest

Combining modern and age-old technique, NEST is constructed of a free form combination of round pegs that are bent and then drilled in a CNC milling machine for a precision fit. Designed by Markus Johansson.

The Nest - creative chair designThe Nest - unusual chair design


6. Recycled Silk Chair

Istanbul-based designer Meb Rure creates a collection of silk ball seating that reinvents a discarded and otherwise wasted material. Her recycled furniture pieces are crafted using re-purpose Napal silks. Recycled Silk Chair is color-enriched and incredibly comfortable.

Recycled Silk Chair - creative chair design Recycled Silk Furniture


7. The Rhino Chair

The Rhino chair was designed by Spanish designer Maximo Riera and it is a seating unit with a strong attitude. After all, it is not everyday that designers choose to mix furniture with the mightiness of a rhino, while conserving its natural proportions. It is not the first time that Maximo Riera dazzles the mind with his designs. He created Octopus chair, Elephant chair, Hippopotamus chair and more.

Rhino chair - creative chair designOctopus Chair Octopus Chair - creative chair designHippopotamus chair idea Elephant Chair Elephant Chair by Maximo Riera


8. Deer Chair 

The deer chair was crafted by Takeshi Sawada, a Japanese designer. This cute piece of furniture for kids is made of oak, walnut and deerskin and celebrates the beautiful woodland animal.

Deer Chair - a cutepiece of furniture for kids Deer Chair - creative chair design


9. Suitcase Chair

With Cheney lock detail and textured white linen, suitcase chair will finish off your little reading corner perfectly. Steel reinforced internal structure ensures that you will be stable, comfy and stylish, all while enjoying a cuppa with your favorite novel. Designed by Katie Thomspon.

Creative design - Suitcase chair


10. The Fork Chair

Awesome creative chair design - Fork chair


11. Bookcase and sunflower chair with yellow soft pads – suitable for relaxing while reading.

Bookcase and sunflower chair with yellow soft pads are also suitable for relaxing while read


12. Unique and Creative Cardboard Chair

There are many possible reasons for using cardboard chairs. Maybe your finances are low and need affordable furniture, materials that respect environment are a priority or you want to make safe, fun play area for children. No matter what reason, a spark of imagination is all you need to get some ideas for cardboard chair.

Cardboard Chair creative chair design


13. Crawl up the wall Chair – design by Lila Lang.

One half is a plain looking sofa with a decidedly curvy old fashioned style. The other half appears to be climbing the wall! You have to admit there is something whimsical about this design.

Crawl up the wall chair


14. Hat Stand Chair

Creative chair ideas - Hat Stand chair


15. Football Chair

Playful and creative chair for kids room.

Creative furniture ideas for kids room-design - playful footbal kids chair


16. Guardian Angel Wings Chair

Guardian angel wings chair


17. Titi Chair by Marjorie Skouras 

It is made out of maple wood that is hand carved and then finished with a sleek gold paint. The arms of the chair literally turn into arms of a woman with accompanied painted red nails. The literal legs still wear the golden pumps from a hard day’s work in the office. A great chair design to be sure. The back of the seat is an elongated oval, mimicking the design of an ornate mirror.

Relaxed Woman Chair


18. Remarkable green rocking-chair with creative wire frame.

Remarkable green rocking-chair with creative wire frame


19. Red Rose Chair

Red Rose chair


20. Bahia Chair – creative chair design

Bahia Chair - creative chair design


21. Keyboard Button Chair

Creative chair designs - keyboard button chair


22. Butterfly Arm Chair Design

Butterfly Arm Chair Design


23. Typography Chair

Typography Chair -creative chair design


24. Coffee Chair

Coffee chair - creative chair design Coffee chair


25. Hanging Animal Chairs Let You Sit In The Mouths Of Predators

Titled “Monstera Deliciosa” by Porky Hefer this chair series was shown at Design Miami 2015. The chairs resemble animals like the orca, pufferfish, pelican, and more! Crazy good chair design

Animal mouth hanging chairs -creative chair design Animal mouth hanging chairs Sea monster hanging chair






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