Minimalistic Dream – 52 Best Minimal Design Ideas

Minimalistic Dream – 52 Best Minimal Design Ideas

Minimalist design is one of the most significant design movements of the 20th century and early 21st century. It isn’t the flashiest, or the most popular, but it arguably penetrated more fields than almost any other art or design trend.

Minimalist design has been described as design at its most basic, stripped of superfluous elements, colors, shapes and textures. Its purpose is to make the content stand out and be the focal point. From a visual standpoint, minimalist design is meant to be calming and to bring the mind down to the basics.

Fundamental principles of minimalism are sharp lines, solid surfaces, low furniture, and basic colors and pastel shades. Although, lately there appeared softer shapes, more colors and textures.

Minimalism in interior design means spacious rooms with minimum of furniture and details. The main element of this style is attention to shape, color and texture. Planning doesn’t suppose dividing into rooms; furniture, cloth or glass partitions play the role of separators. In modern minimalism design accent is made on sharp geometric shapes and asymmetry. Shape prevails over purpose. Furniture must have streamline shapes and upholstered with neutral colored leather. Shiny surfaces and straight lines look amazing in this interior. Details should be made of stainless steel or chrome. The amount of accessories should be minimal. Floor should be made of materials that are easy to clean and take care of – wood, linoleum or stone tile.

Most minimalist interiors have a simple approach to color—keep it light and simple. You will notice that minimalist homes usually have rather large windows that allow natural light to fill the room. You may also notice that wall colors are usually quite neutral, with a splash of modern red or other bold colors used sparingly via accent walls or accessories would be just great).

There are some studies that show that minimalism can be good for your health.

Our brains are funny and complicated organs. They react to symmetry, in a positive way. Simplicity and symmetry make you calm. This is just one of the benefits of minimalist interior design — minimal designed homes are usually simple and symmetrical in design and layout, thereby giving you a happier outlook when you walk in the door.

Enjoy our collection of best minimal design ideas.

Beautiful minimalistic bedroom in neutral tones Beautiful minimalistic grey kitchen Beautiful nature inspired open space dining and living room with minimal decor Bed is the center of this chic minimalistic bedroom Big open space and minimalisic living room design Black and white minimal home office with essentials for working Black and white minimalistic living room Black backdrop and white sinks along with a wooden vanity in the bathroom - minimal home decor Black minimal furniture and cool minimal design Blush pink sofa in the minimalistic industrial living room Bright and minimal living room Calm and stylish minimal home office design Charming all white mininmal dining room Chic minimal bathroom vanity Chic minimalistic space with beautiful wall art Gorgeous dining space with minimalism Gorgeous minimal design - bedroom with white brick wallGrey and light brown chic and minimal living room Grey wall and door with minimalistic furniture - bedroom design Living room in grey shades with minimal decor and beautiful art pieces Minimal bedroom with brown and grey shades

Minimal chic decor for this corner Minimal decor and accessories in this soothing napping corner Minimal design and colors in neutral shades - living room decor Minimal designed staircase Minimal kitchen decor with exposed beams Minimal kitchen design combines form with function Minimalism in neutral colors but with patterns and wall art Minimalistic smart kitchen in pastel green Modern minimal bathroom with beautiful tiles Modern minimalistic home office or work spaceModern, chic and minimal decor - living room design Monochromatic and minimal white decor in the bedroom Monochromatic room with black, white, grey and soft shades of brown Narrow black and white minimal kitchen Oak colored wall for TV station - minimal home design Perfect minimal living room with a large closed storage units Perfectly simple and totally minimalistic all white bedroom Playing with pastels and neutrals - minimal home decor Simple dining room in white and wooden furniture as a star of the show Simple minimal living room decor Sleek lines and minimalism - minimal home decor Small space and minimalistic bedroom Smart wooden vanity and minimal bathroom decor Sophisticated small and narrow minimal kitchen with black cabinets Straight lines and minimalistic design - bathroom decor Totally dark and minimal masculine room Uber minimal home office in white, grey and black Very cool and unusual fireplace with minimalistic vibe Very minimal kitchen design in grey Very modern all black minimal kitchen White decor and black furniture - minimal home design

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