Our Mission


Our Artisans in Babadag, Turkey

loombrand showcases the stories of people, customs, and cultures by curating premium, artisan goods for people seeking authentic, sustainable, & responsibly sourced goods.

We were tired of hearing about “high quality” products that are made internationally with unsustainable labor pumping out tens of thousands of these products every minute.Pestemal Being Loomed

For our first product line, we learned about a changing industry, completely overtaken by others producing fast cheap textiles & products.

Thanks to the internet & Kickstarter, we have found many individuals who believe in the uniqueness of each product they use while supporting the artisans who have mastered their traditional crafts.

We consciously stimulate economic development and educate our customers on social causes from around the world.

We have the opportunity to educate the world about the history carried by the families in Babadag, Turkey that have been working for generations to loom these beautiful, wonderful, Turkish towels.

We’ve discovered individuals who have sustained a craft for the last 5,000 years ago. Our appreciation and awe has lead us to source the most authentic products of this trade for our community.

See our original Turkish pestemal collection here.