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51 Beautiful Bohemian Inspired Designs

The Bohemian (or Boho) design captures the carefree and experimental essence of the namesake lifestyle. A bohemian interior décor is characterized as casual, a bit unconventional and infused with artistic elements.  Dressing your home that way is anything but boring. It’s fashion-forward, relaxed, cozy and very stylish genre of decorating. Creating a stylish bohemian home […]

50 Modern Kitchen Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With…

50 Modern Kitchen Ideas You'll Fall In Love With...

Kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where family cooks, eats, spends time together, even entertain guests. Kitchen design is really important to women, and to some guys too, because they spend a lot of time there and they want to be in a functional, creative environment  that is to their taste. Your design, […]

Bathroom Decor & Design: The Ultimate Guide

Bathroom Decor & Design: The Ultimate Guide | loombrand

Decorating a bathroom is HARD.   It seems like the only way to get good decor is to hire a professional or take a fancy, expensive class. I created this resource to try to help people like you, people who want to spruce up their bathrooms but don’t necessarily have the experience to piece everything together themselves. […]