Top Stylish Color Trends Of 2016 – A Roundup

Top Stylish Color Trends Of 2016 - A Roundup

For the first time ever, Pinterest has taken all the data from billions —  billions! — of pins to find out what is trending for 2016. In men’s fashion, it’s shades of blue. In women’s fashion it’s mint and blush pink. In the home, however, people are keeping the colors very neutral. Big color trend for 2016 in home decor is… grey and mauve!

Gray has increased by 20 percent over the last year becoming the most common color in the home décor category, and mauve following in second place, has seen a whopping 70 percent increase in popularity. The rise of Scandinavian minimalism style in home decorating might have had something to do with it.

Now, gray kitchens are quickly replacing their all-white counterparts. This trend is widely influenced by Scandinavian interiors, which prefers neutral monochrome tones and black – white – grey color combination. Warmer grays create a slightly moody atmosphere without making the room feel too cold.

Mauve is the second-highest trending color, according to Pinterest, so you can hit two birds with one stone and combine some mauve details into your gray décor. They match perfectly. Mauve is a pale purple color named after the mallow flower. Mauve contains more grey and more blue than a pale tint of magenta. Many pale wildflowers called “blue” are actually mauve. Mauve is also sometimes described as pale violet.

How to incorporate these trendy colors into your home, you ask? The easiest way is to add little accents here and there if you are not ready to invest  into a single color palette.  Mix things up by adding more subtle touches of mauve and gray throughout your living space, for a refreshing change that won’t empty your wallet. Or you can choose to paint one statement wall a bright shade of mauve or maybe add color to your bedroom with vibrant mauve bedding.

We have rounded up our favorite home décor ideas from Pinterest that include these colors and their mix.

Get inspired and enjoy.

Beautiful mauve living room with white chair and wooden furniture Beautiful minimal design and grey shades Chic and stylish bedroom in grey and mauve shades Dark grey kitchen with wooden countertops Decorous mauve living roomDifferent soft grey shades makes this room serene Elegant and sophisticated living room in several shades of mauve Elegant mauve bathroom with clawfoot bathtub in the same shade Feminine bathroom with splash of dark mauve Fun and warm grey living room with earth color details Fun grey kids room with subtle shades of yellow and red Gorgeous mauve wallpaper with flamingo pattern - beautiful way to incorporate mauve to your room Gorgeous table setting and decoration in many shades of mauve with golden accents Grey and white lounging nook with fresh flowers with mauve hues Grey living room with mauve cushions Industrial inspired bedroom Light grey elegant bathroomLovely soft grey, white and blush tones - living room decor Lovely storage space in mauve bathroom Mauve shades and pattern - lovely home decor Minimalistic grey bedroom

Mix of white and mauve in bedroom decor Modern mauve kitchen with sleek lines Modern soft grey hallway scandinavian inspired Monochrome grey and white kitchen inspired by Scandinavia Old style bedroom in different shades of mauve Original floral mauve wallpaper Scandinavian grey and white bedroom Sleek dark grey bathroom vanitySmart dark grey floor, soft grey cabinets and metro tiles for this modern kitchen Soft greys and baby blues living room Soft mauve hues and feminine feel in this vanity area Soft white bedroom with mauve details like throw and pillow Sophisticated vanity bathroom in mauve Stylish farmhouse kitchen with mauve island Stylish home decor - soft greys and blush hues with wooden furniture Stylish soft mauve and grey bedroom Tasteful white and grey bathroom Trendy grey kitchen cabinets with gold details Wall gallery and scandinavian inspired decor in this subtle grey living room Wooden mauve library decor


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