Turkish Cotton vs Terry Cloth – Spoiler – Both Will Melt Your Skin


Turkish Cotton vs Terry Cloth

Summer is well underway, which makes it such a great time to go to the pool or the beach for a nice swim. If you have that swimsuit you’ve always wanted to try, now’s the best time to grab your favorite towels and head out for a nice tan or a great dip. However, you might not fully enjoy the beach experience if you still bring ordinary bath towels.

Moreover, you can make your time at the beach feel more comfortable and memorable with the right towel. However, finding “the right towel” means you have to choose: Turkish towels or Terry Cloth robes? 

Terry Cloth Towels: Is This For You?

Terry Cloth is a kind of fabric that has multiple protruding loops of thread. Thanks to this structure, terry fabric is capable of absorbing large amounts of water. This advantage explains why it’s commonly used as fabric in a hand towel, or bath robes.

Manufacturers weave Terry Cloth through knitting or weaving and are known for having two main warp beams. Terry Cloth has a ground warp that forms the towel’s base, and a pile warp made up of the iconic loops that Terry Cloth is known for. Thanks to these beams, these cloths can absorb a lot of water but have a soft feeling at the same time. 

Terry Cloth: What’s It Made Of?

Manufacturers of Terry Cloth use various materials to create the fabric. Aside from linen and silk, manufacturers may make Terry fabric out of both artificial and natural fibers. However, people usually make Terry Cloth out of cotton as it can provide various benefits.

Firstly, cotton gets stronger whenever it gets wet. As an absorbent fiber, cotton-based products can absorb water that’s up to 20 to 30 times heavier. Thanks to the way Terry Cloth is built, the loop pile functions as an absorbent while staying resilient against turning, twisting, rubbing, and squeezing. This functionality may explain why most of our common bathroom essentials like a bath towel or a fleece robe are made of Terry fabric.

Secondly, the absorbency of Terry Cloth’s polyester blend makes it perfect for other products that need to absorb water. These include headbands, bath robes, beach cover-ups, and towels. 

Lastly, the powerful absorption properties of Terry fabric make it very easy to decorate and dye. This quality explains why Terry fabric products come in all sorts of sizes.  

Turkish Towel: Premium Quality Towels From Turkey

On the other hand, these Turkish towels use special cotton from Turkey. Their cotton comes with long fibers that come from Turkey. The fact that companies outsource this cotton from Turkey is a testament to the quality these products have. In fact, this cotton’s special qualities make it a premium quality fiber in terms of products. This material makes this perfect for a fleece robe, or a stylish Turkey towel. 

In essence, this cotton contains very long fibers. When spun, these fibers produce fewer joints, which therefore results in smoother and stronger threads. Moreover, fabric enthusiasts love this cotton as more washings result in more absorbent, fluffier, and softer cotton.

What About Egyptian Cotton: What Is Better?

Like Turkey-based Cotton, Egypt-based fabric is also famous for its absorption qualities. This factor makes Egypt-based cotton an ideal choice for sheets and other forms of apparel such as spa robes. Unfortunately, its absorbent quality can be disadvantageous in the long run.

Since absorbent fabric becomes more absorbent over time, towels of fabrics like Egypt-based cotton can remain wet even when for a long time after use. Moreover, humid climates can cause fabrics like this wet even without water.

Contrary to Egypt-based fabric, Turkey towels meet that delicate balance between softness and absorbency. As such, a fleece robe made from Turkey-based cotton feels extremely efficient but also comfortable. 

Turkish Cotton and Terry Cloth: What Should You Use?

With the above in mind, we may be able to compare Terry Cloth towels with Turkish towels. To begin with, we can all agree that both of these fabrics serve their purpose of drying us whenever we’re wet. However, both fabrics have certain advantages that the other doesn’t have. For instance:

  • Availability: In terms of availability, U S Terrycloth products find themselves in most household bathrooms. This fabric is extremely common because it’s not expensive to make. Meanwhile, Turkish Cotton is considered a more premium option compared to Terrycloth. Unless you’re decided to upgrade your bathroom experience, you might feel better with a Terry fabric than with Turkey-based cotton towels.
  • Aesthetic: If you’re someone who takes looks seriously, you can differentiate Terry Cloth products from their Turkish Cotton counterparts much easily. Terry Cloth robes are designed to be in the bathroom, only to be used privately or when necessary. As such, they often come in rather plain designs that fit with most bathroom aesthetics. Meanwhile, Turkish Cloth products come in various shapes, sizes, and even designs. If you want to show off your colorful swimsuit, a colorful Turkey-based cotton towel might be the best accessory for you. And if you’re an apparel company, choosing Turkey-based fabric for your products can send great marketing messages on your apparel’s quality.
  • Efficiency: People can get divided between the efficiency of Terry fabric towels and towels of Turkey-based fabric. Terrycloth towels can sometimes feel scratchy and thick. Moreover, its absorption qualities make it wet for prolonged periods of time. Since Terrycloth fabric is thick, its towels might take up too much space. Moreover, Terry Cloth robes make them perfect for bathrooms. Meanwhile, Turkey-based fabric dries faster and is much thinner, making them ideal companions to the beach. 

Turkish Cotton and Terry Cloth: It’s In The Material

Your time at the beach is memorable, not just because of the pictures you take and the food you eat. Instead, your time under the sun becomes extraordinary with the company you have and the experiences you share. Choosing the right towel will help make sure you’ll dry quickly after a good swim, and continue having a good time. 

Remember, the bottom line is that while most households use terrycloth robes and towels, Turkish Cotton towels are more suitable for your outdoor trips thanks to its durability, aesthetic, and quick-dry appeal. If you have the opportunity, consider having towels in both Turkish Cotton and terrycloth variants to always have a towel for any occasion.   

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