Washcloth vs Hand Towel – There Can Be Only 1

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Washcloth vs Hand towel

These are just the basics for a spartan bathroom set-up. Depending on your budget and bathroom size, there are plenty of ways to add more personality, like an essential oil diffuser, softer light bulbs, or a colorful shower curtain. These are just the basics for a spartan bathroom set-up. Depending on your budget and bathroom size, there are plenty of ways to add more personality, like an essential oil diffuser, softer light bulbs, a frameless shower door for minimal decor or a colorful shower curtain.

Bath towels come in different variety of sizes and uses. Each size has a unique purpose suited for your bathroom and home routine. Most people often make use of a single type of towel for multiple purposes these days, without paying much attention to the subtle, yet helpful differences of the different available materials. Earlier, people used to pay more attention to the different towels and their uses. Each towel’s utility is catered to various body parts. Washcloths (face towels) and handtowels as terms might sound interchangeable. However, they serve two very different purposes. Different towels come in different towel sizes.

Hand towels are the piece of cloth that are used to dry your hands. They are usually placed near the sink for you to dry your hands after you’ve washed them. Generally, they are used before and after a meal, to stay hygienic. The tape measure size for hand towels is 20″ x 30″. On the other hand, a washcloth is a piece of cloth with the smallest towel sizes in bath sheets. They have the smallest bath towel sizes (12″ x 12″) that are commonly used to wash and dry your face after shower. Washcloths can also be used while in the shower to cleanse and exfoliate your body or removing skin oil.

Which is bigger: hand towel or face towel?

Hand towels are larger than face towels. Hand towel size on average is around 16″ x 30″ vs 12″ x 12″ size of face towels. Size plays a vital role in distinguishing the two different kinds of towels from each other. It makes sense to use a dedicated face towel to take care of your face and be hygienic and have a separate hand towel for cleaning your hands. If the same hand towel or a general is used to clean your face, you increase the chances of contracting germs, and that causes sanitation and health issues.

Are hand towels necessary?

Hand towels are absolutely necessary, and you should have them at multiple places at your home. For cleaning your hand towels, all you need to do is wash them in hot water to kill the germs and bacterias. Don’t use a washing machine as far as possible, as there could be possible contaminations on the machine that might infect your hand towels. Let us look at the various purposes of such towels –

1. Kitchens –

They are an absolute must in kitchens as you need to constantly clean your hands many times a day when you’re cooking, washing the utensils, or dealing with other kitchen activities. It is ideal for keeping many hand towels in your kitchen since the frequency of using them would be too much to rely on just one. The same hand towels can be used for drying and polishing the dishes.

2. Nursery –

We all know from our experience of seeing others struggle with this, that babies are not easy to raise. They are bound to make a mess. They would spill liquids, drop things, or there will be diaper leaks. Having some hand towels in hand is always going to prepare you better for the challenge, as you’d be more ready to take care of the spills.

3. Washroom –

You need to keep a constant supply of fresh hand towels in your washroom, as they are very frequently used. You generally would hang one hand towel for everyone in your household to use when they use the washroom. However, it is ideal for keeping changing that hand towel frequently to avoid catching germs and contamination from other members of the family. It can also be used for nurturing your skin or cleaning your skin after applying shaving foam for a good shave experience.

4. Sinks –

Consider this as a golden rule, wherever you have a sink at your house, keep a hand towel. It is absolutely necessary to clean your hands prior to and post meals to live a healthy lifestyle. Hence keeping hand towel near sinks are an absolute must to be safe and hygienic at all times.

What are face towels used for?

Facial skin is most sensitive to damage as it can be exposed to all kind of stressors throughout the day. Face towels are generally smaller than a bath towel. They are made to be compact enough to easily carry them in your bag. A good face towel is absorbent, soft on your skin and easy to carry wherever you go. Some of the best materials to shop for when buying a face towel are –

  1. 100 % Natural Cotton
  2. Microfibre
  3. 100 % Bamboo
  4. Bamboo Blends
  5. Turkish Cotton
  6. Egyptian Cotton
  7. Linen

There are many benefits of using a face towel –

1. Saves time –

If you are in a rush to go somewhere and need to tidy up with minimum efforts and in minimum time, a quick grab and wicking of the dirt using a hand towel is more efficient than splashing water on your face.

2. Cleans the skin –

Face towels are generally used damp or wet for exfoliating your skin. These face towels have a certain texture that removes dead skin cells from the surface of your skin when the towel is damp. The skin also becomes more breathable as it avoids clogging of pores by cleaning and opening them.

What is a guest towel?

Guest towels are towels which are designated for guests to use. Many people keep a dedicated guest towel so that their guests can have fresh, clean towels for bathing and other uses. A good way to differentiate dedicated guest towels from normal towels is to use different color towels. If your house has a dedicated guest room, the guest towel will be placed at the bathroom or on the bed, after neatly folding them. This helps the guests understand that the towels are fresh and meant for their use. For houses that have a shared bathroom, you can have a separate rack pointed out to guests to use their towels from. It is ideal for keeping extra bath towels for your guests, as many individuals like to take a good shower, especially if they are visiting you after a long stressful day. I prefer using Turkish cotton bath sheets or bath towels generally. An extra pair of washcloths also is preferred by many guests. For bath towels, you can also keep various options as many people like using bath sheets that are generally bigger than a regular bath towel. There is also various bath sheet size you can look into.

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